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Contorsionniste: L'Elegance de la Contorsion (Schlangenfrau / Contortionist)

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- Access to the PAYSITE via password, which will be send by e-mail (max. 1-2 hours).
- Unique and exclusive material of the contortionist Magdalena Stoilova.
- More than 10.000 pictures of extreme flexibility in wonderful costumes and at different locations.
- Showing extreme contortion: backbends, oversplits, frontbends, maggibends and triplefolds.
- Billed just once with PAYPAL, no recurring.
- Price is 19,00 EUR (22,35 US$)
- Price in Germany is 19,00 EUR plus 3,61 EUR MwSt. Total price: 22,61 EUR

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