- The Art of Extreme Flexibility

PHOTOS & COSTUMES: A Selection of Show Acts and Costumes

Schlangenfrau Show in Park Cafe Wiesbaden, Germany Schlangenfrau Verleihung des Falkenpreises in Schaffhausen, Switzerland Golden Costume showing triple fold in Paris as snake women Black costume, exteme Yoga Stretching and oversplits, snake women Schlangenfrau Show in Traben-Trabach, Yoga, Kinderzirkus Snake women, Yoga im Panther Costume in Wiesbaden, Hessen Schlangenfrau Magdalena Stoilova mit Siegfried und Roy Pink Costume, Ruppel Bend and extrem snake women in London Snake women for Company Gala Dinner for Christmas Contortionist with extreme backbend Contortionist with extreme oversplits Snakewoman with extreme oversplit and backbend

Schlangenfrau: Die Eleganz der Kontorsion

These picutres are showing some examples of my shows in different costumes such as snake and panther catsuits and bodies. For each event I will find the best outfit. Please contact me for more information about my contortion shows and costumes -->

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